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Every foot is different and finding the right fit is key to keep you moving. Our goal is to keep our community healthy and active, that's why we're here! We offer free shoe fittings - no appointment necessary - to help you find your perfect shoe for running, walking, the gym or every day use.  Whether you're a life long runner or just getting started our team is here to help!


Let us know you'd like a fitting! If you're not sure where to start, we will have you take your shoes off and watch you walk. This gives us a basic evaluation of your feet and gait.

Your Story

We get to know you. What you'll be using your shoes for, injury history, and any preferences. Everything we need to know to find you the perfect fit.

Try On

We'll run through some options that will be best for you. This is your chance to try on and even test on the treadmill. We will assess size (all brands are different!) and talk you through comfort analysis.

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